Sunday, November 9, 2008

IGEM Jamboree

The 2008 Brown iGEM Teams worked on two projects--one a toxin detection & electrical reporting system using E. Coli bacteria and the second a genetic limiter circuit to control gene regulation in Yeast.

The team reports that this past month "both Brown teams were incredibly successful and we feel we made a great showing at the iGEM Jamboree at MIT. Brown Team 1 was honored to receive the award for Best Environment Project and to receive a Bronze Medal and Brown Two took home a Silver Medal! The medal requirements were even more stringent than last year, and they made it a point to say that this year's Bronze would have been a Gold medal last year! Thanks to everyone for supporting us and helping us work through our setbacks!"
More information can be found on their wiki:
Brown iGEM [International Genetically Engineered Machines] Team