Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prof. Sheldon and Webster appear in cover story

Brian Sheldon, Thomas Webster, and Lei Yang appeared as the cover story for the American Ceramic Society Bulletin. It is entitled " Nanophase Ceramics for Improved Drug Delivery: Current Opportunities and Challenges."

After more than a decade of research and development, nanotechnology has reshaped the traditional thinking (or lack thereof) of using ceramics for drug delivery. Although drug delivery has been a polymer- dominated field, the blossoming of nanotechnology means that ceramic materials are now showing much promise for numerous drug delivery applications.

Typically, nanotechnology is defined as the use of materials and systems whose structures and components exhibit novel and significantly changed properties when control is gained at the nanoscale (specifically, <100 nm or <10–7 m).1 For ceramics, this means fabricating ceramics whose grain or particle
sizes are within the range of 1 nm to 100 nm).

Nanophase ceramics already have been widely used in a broad spectrum of biomedical applications, and now drug delivery is one of the fastest emerging and developing arenas for nanoceramics, drawing increasing attention over the past few years.

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