Monday, August 6, 2012

Venture for America fellow Tim Dingman '11 hired by Accio Energy

Accio Energy (Ann Arbor, Mich.) is taking on one of the first Venture for America fellows this month, hiring Tim Dingman '11, an electrical engineering graduate from Brown University.

Venture for America is launching its inaugural class of fellows this summer, pairing 40 fresh college graduates with start-ups in economically challenged regions. The New York City-based non-profit is modeled after Teach for America where it pairs top talent from U.S. universities with innovative start-ups growing in urban areas, such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, Cincinnati and Providence, Rhode Island. The idea is to give college grads an open door into entrepreneurship in the hopes they will launch their own start-ups in their host cities one day.

Metro Detroit companies are receiving 11 of these fellows, and Accio Energy is the only firm from Ann Arbor to receive one. The alternative energy start-up is reinventing the wind energy generation with new technology that creates clean energy from static electricity generated from the wind.

"The novelty of it combined with the size of the company were two huge draws," says Dingman.

Dingman also founded his own start-up, which makes a showerhead efficiency upgrade for dorm rooms. He has been interested in developing clean tech for most if his college career, but wanted to get his professional start working for a young company creating disruptive technology.

"There is a lot of energy there," Dingman says. "There is a lot of room for innovation which is what I was looking for in my placement."

Source: Tim Dingman, fellow with Venture for America
Writer: Jon Zemke