Friday, January 11, 2013

Seth Coe-Sullivan ’99 of QD Vision Wins Best in Show at Consumer Electronics Show for Sony TV

The Sony Bravia 4K 65-inch television was selected Best in Show and Best Home Theater Product at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The television features Color IQ™ technology developed by QD Vision. Brown engineering alumnus Seth Coe-Sullivan ’99 is the co-founder and chief technology officer of QD Vision.

“Brown Engineering was exactly the right place to get my engineering entrepreneurship career started,” said Coe-Sullivan. “Engineering is coupled to an atmosphere of creativity that the liberal arts college imbues.”

Color IQ™ is the world’s first high volume quantum dot product for LCD televisions. This new technology enables the next generation of LCD televisions, monitors and other display products to deliver more lifelike, brilliant colors.

“My exploration of displays started at Brown with a grad-level course on LCDs that then Professor Greg Crawford opened up to undergraduates,” said Coe-Sullivan. “I was hooked, and though the journey took me from LCD to OLED, to a PhD on QLEDs and then back to LCDs, I can trace my foundations of knowledge and interest to that one uniquely Brown course.”

“Seth was an incredible student in my electricity and magnetism course and I will never forget his enthusiasm in my graduate level displays course--he took it and excelled in it as a junior,” said Greg Crawford, former Brown professor and now dean at the College of Science at Notre Dame. “I knew then he was going to be successful in life and in his career. It is wonderful to see his success as an entrepreneur and his wonderful achievement honored at the Consumer Electronics Show. More importantly Seth is a great person -- a Brown graduate we are all extraordinarily proud of."

QD Vision, Inc. is a nanomaterials product company delivering a new generation of display and lighting solutions that provide unmatched color. The only quantum dot company solely focused on displays and lighting, QD Vision's technology harnesses the unique light-emitting properties of a new class of nanomaterials called quantum dots.