Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 Collaborative Research Awards program awards two engineering projects

The Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) last week announced the awardees of the 2010 Collaborative Research Awards program. This year, out of the 38 projects submitted for review, six projects that featured multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research with follow-on funding promise were chosen.

Here are two projects which feature Brown Engineering:

Project 3: Development of Durable Silicon Thin-Film Anodes and New Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries
This team proposes to develop new and highly durable anode architecture for lithium batteries complemented by the development of new electrolytes that will form a stable solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer. This STAC grant will help RI align with the Department of Energy’s Energy Strategic Goal and contribute to cutting-edge advances in lithium battery technology.

Pradeep Guduru, Ph.D, Brown University
Christopher Bull, Ph.D, Brown University
Brett Lucht, Ph.D, University of Rhode Island

Project 4: Early Cancer Detection and Treatment Using Advanced Three-Dimensional Surface Texture Visualization and Modeling
This project aims to develop 3D imaging technology to address limitations in visualization of the current minimally invasive surgical procedures that are rapidly replacing open surgeries. The team will focus primarily on the problem of identifying early-state bladder cancer, the third-most prevalent cancer that ranks fourth in incidence.

Gabriel Taubin, Ph.D, Brown University
George E. Haleblian, M.D, Rhode Island Hospital
Jason D. Harry, Ph.D, Lucidux Corporation, LLC
Gyan Pareek, M.D; Rhode Island Hospital

For more information, visit the RI Science and Technology Advisory Council.