Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Engineering Alumna Julie Sygiel '09 Launches New Company

Brown chemical engineering alumna Julie Sygiel '09 is the co-founder of an intimate apparel startup company called Sexy Period. The patent-pending underwear made from leak resistant fabric are designed as a backup to prevent period spill disasters.  

Started in 2008 when Julie was a junior at Brown, Sexy Period has transformed from an entrepreneurship class brainchild into a full-fledged startup based in Providence. Founders spent two years designing their revolutionary line of glamorous, functional panties, and the Blossoming Beauty style features a watercolor floral print painted by a recent RISD graduate.

With over 200 prototype pairs mailed to female volunteer testers, the company has done extensive testing. Initial sales have been brisk with more than half of the first 500 pairs already sold during the preview sale. For more information on the company, please go to: