Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Engineering Staff Recognized For Years of Service at BEAR Day

Five members of the School of Engineering were recognized on Monday, February 7 at Brown Employee Appreciation and Recognition (B.E.A.R.) Day. The event is a community celebration of years of service and performance excellence at Brown University.

Among the engineering staff who were recognized were: Gamze Tunali, a computer programmer with five years of service, Michael Jibitsky, a senior research engineer with ten years of service, and Jim Scheuerman, a computer systems manager with 15 years of service.

Two members of the engineering staff have more than 30 years of service to Brown and were celebrated for their dedication and commitment to the University. Pat Capece, an administrative assistant, and Bill Patterson, a senior research engineer, were both honored for their long-time commitment and service to the School of Engineering and Brown.